What is Newton Coin Project about and why should you get involved

Newton Coin Project was created to help fund research and development projects in the medical and renewable energy fields. It is no secret that many important medical research projects in the world are underfunded or completely lack funding altogether. Our mission with Newton Project is to change that. We believe that through our commitment to helping fund these projects, we can aid in potentially finding cures for many diseases that still plague humanity. However, that is just one area of research we intend on focusing on. Newton Coin Project is also looking to fund research and development of newer more compact designs of renewable energy production systems. Many communities in under developed countries would greatly benefit from low cost renewable energy projects. Because Newton Coin is a crypto project, Newton will fund scientific research that supports Newton Coin and the community. One of our goals is to make Newton Coin the primary crypto payment system in the medical and renewable energy research fields. The success of our project means the ability to make important changes in the world. Ultimately, in order for this to happen, we need YOU, to help us achieve our goal.

What other ways does Newton Coin Project contribute

Newton Coin Project started by contributing computing resources to the Rosetta@home distributed computing Project for protein structure prediction. The Rosetta Project is on the Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) platform, run by the Baker laboratory at the University of Washington. Rosetta@home uses idle computer processing resources from volunteer’ computers to perform calculations on individual work units to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.

How does Newton Coin Project plan to fund projects

Funding will come from various sources:

  • Participating pools will contribute 1% of pool fee
  • Official pool will contribute 50% of pool rewards
  • Donations from individuals, companies and institutions
  • NCP Freelance website will contribute a percentage from listing fees
  • Royalties/shares and/or paybacks from projects that choose to give back to Newton Project

Funded Projects

Projects that Newton Coin funds can be found on the Experiment website, which is endorsed by Bill Gates. click here
More projects are being planned.

Total supply & pre-mining

Total coin supply is 184 Billion coins. 1% of the total supply was premined, of which 600 Million were sold to pay the initial exchange listing fees. Another 200 Million were reserved for bounties in order to engage our community and spread awareness of Newton Coin Project. The remaining 1.04 Billion is being used exclusively for the project�s development expenses such as: PR/Marketing, community projects (web app), and the monthly costs of running servers. Due to the fact that numerous research projects could be funded simultaneously, large sums could possibly be tied up for periods of time. Some people also like to accumulate coins as an investment. Over time, as with other crypto projects, some coins get lost and are not recoverable. We wanted to make sure there was enough supply so that the community at large still had access to NCP.

NCP Freelance Website (Beta testing)

NCP Freelance is an advertising website for bloggers/vloggers/writers/translators, coders, programmers, advertisers, marketers, graphic artists and more, to offer their talents in exchange for NCP coin. Are you looking for a writer, programmer, web developer to create a project for you? All you have to do is log into the freelance website and browse the existing offers or create your own request for freelancers to bid on. Part of the proceeds from the website will be used to fund science projects. As the site grows, more services will be added.


  • Ticker: NCP
  • Algorithm POW: CryptoNight
  • Circulating supply: link
  • Maximum coins supply: ~184.47 billion
  • Block target time: 120 seconds
  • Transaction fee: 0,001 NCP
  • First block: 3/7/2018-11:00:00 pm
  • Pre Mining: 1% (mined on low difficulty)

Pool block reward breakdown

  • Pool fee is 2%
  • 1% for Science wallet
  • 1% Dev Team & Community Leaders


Download latest version 4.0.0 of Newton
(Mandatory Update before block 941000.
Please update before block 941000 to ensure you remain sycned with the network)
CLI (Daemon + simplewallet) and GUI (Graphical Wallet) for Windows.

GUI x64 GUI x32 CLI x64 CLI x32


Download latest version 4.0.0 of Newton
(Mandatory Update before block 941000.
Please update before block 941000 to ensure you remain sycned with the network)
CLI (Daemon + simplewallet) and GUI (Graphical Wallet) for Ubuntu.

GUI Ubuntu x64 CLI Ubuntu x64


Download latest version 4.0.0 of Newton
(Mandatory Update before block 941000.
Please update before block 941000 to ensure you remain sycned with the network)
CLI (Daemon + simplewallet) and GUI (Graphical Wallet) for MacOSX 10.13.

GUI OSX-10.13 CLI OSX-10.13


bootstrap blocks count 978816 8/25/2019



  • Go live
  • Official pool
  • Gui wallet
  • Block explorer
  • Discord/Telegram channels
2018 Q1
  • Bounties
  • Additional pools
  • Official Website
  • create “super community”
  • create PR/Marketing
  • Listing on 3 exhanges
  • Make first donation to research
  • New wallet features
2018 Q2
  • Bounties
  • Release Official Whitepaper
  • New improved website
  • Newton Forum website - in Beta testing
  • Newton Freelance website - in Beta testing
  • Listing on more exchanges
  • Make second donation to research
2018 Q3
  • More Bounties
  • Official Whitepaper - Final draft
  • Listing on more exchanges
  • Donate to science project
  • Fund renewable energy project - to be determined
  • Newton Coin Web Wallet
2018 Q4

Longer term focus (1-3 years)

  • build Newton own exchange
  • build Newton Coin Web-shop
2019 - 2021

Our Works

we have made donations to these scientific projects.

An estimated 6 – 7 million people in Latin America and 300,000 U.S. citizens are infected with the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi that results in Chagas’ disease, a neglected tropical disease (NTD). Principally spread by the kissing bug (cover image), there exists an urgent need for development of new therapeutics to replace the outdated clinically used drugs, benznidazole and nifurtimox. Our research focuses on the discovery of novel antichagasic compounds for improved medicine.

Schistosomiasis is a disease transmitted by snails, responsible for chronic illness of many millions of the world's poorest people, mainly in Africa. This project tests the efficacy of RNAi, a targeted genetic weapon, to kill the snails and thus curtail the spread of the disease. RNAi acts only on specific gene sequences, making it environmentally benign and preventing the evolution of resistance in snail populations. Importantly, this snail-killing material would be very cheap to produce.

Are zeolites toxic?

By Ana Palcic

Zeolites are materials used in households, agriculture, medicine, water abatment, oil refining, etc. But there is little information about how they might affect living beings. We will study the effect zeolite nanoparticles have on zebrafish embryos. Zebra fish are model organisms so we will be able to provide data on the safety of zeolites usage in everyday life and industry. The results will contribute to assess the potential impact of zeolites on health.

Potent human antibody treatment for rabies disease

By Laura Powell, Merissa Mayo, and James Crowe

Rabies infection is almost always fatal in humans. The current treatment for a bite from a rabid animal (injection of human serum from immunized people) is often in short supply, especially in developing world settings. We aim to find antibodies from a rabies-vaccinated donor, using blood taken just weeks after vaccination. By sequencing the antibody genes present in these cells, we can make antibodies, providing less expensive and readily available treatment for the virus.



  • tradeogre
  • graviex
  • bitexlive
  • kompler

Corporate Partnerships


Our Team


Jim Nicoll CEO
Public Relations Officer
Investor and Project coordinator

jack Jomail Founder & Core developer
Renewable energy engineering
MSc in Thermal Engineering
C# Developer
Newton Coin Project Manager
and Marketing Specialist

Frank Matt Founder & Core developer
C++ Developer & Web Developer,
Budgeting and Scheduling NCP Projects,
Managing NCP Project Risks and Changes.

David shmaltozen Founder & Core developer
Information Systems Engineer. MSc in Web Science.
researcher in the field of Machine learning.
Systems & Web Developer
Managing NCP Project Risks and changes

Ruslan Kaprizov Graphic designer
promoter blockchain projects. enthusiast.
Software Engineer of computer facilities
and the automated systems.

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