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Our Vision

We introduce NCP Investment Fund. What is Investment Fund. When a new project needs funds to run, Newton will invests in that project and resrves financial shares that will return back to NCP investors as rewards which will be distrubuted to our valuable investors according to their investment activity. This will be implemented in the next release of Newton Wallet.

Newton History

Newton started as charity Coin to support science projects

NCP Specfication

What's New

Newton Coin Project Swapped to Asset on Waves Platform NCP Project with ratio 1000:1. NCP Project Total supply is 184.469.999.00 NCP. We burnt 48,000,000.00 NCP so far therefor the current total supply reduced to 136,469,999.00 NCP and the circulating till now is 115,785,881.00 NCP..

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Investment Fund

NCP Investment Fund. Invest and Get Earnings

We introduce investment fund in order to encourage investors. Investment fund reserved and locked 14,000,000.00 NCP to be release at specific price limit (1 NCP = 1 Cent) for funding financing startups which can be candidate by the community with profitable returns.


Small Donations Have No Impact on Markets.

When we launched Newton we funded 4 scientific projects at experiment a croudfunding platform for scientific research, but because of not reaching an effective price limit for support and scarcity of donations, funding was under the expectations and had a weak impact on the real projects. Newton was first launched to support science and it will keep its promise so we reserved 7,000,000.00 NCP to be released at specific price limit (1 NCP = 1 Cent) for funding candidate scientific project. Maximum donation will be (100,000 NCP = $1000). Single project will be selected every two months, this ensures that the donation won't affect the price.

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